About Us

What we're about

Our Story

After almost a decade in and around government, in 2016 Advoc8 CEO Nicole realised that despite the huge innovation that was happening in communications-heavy industries like sales and marketing, Australia’s public policy sector was being left behind.

The people who help shape the laws and society in which we all live and work, were still relying on a tangle of emails, spreadsheets and passing conversations to organise their work and track their engagement with Australia’s decision-makers.

Realising there had to be a better way of doing things, Nicole teamed up with Harry, and together they set out on a mission to not only revolutionise the way advocacy is done, but to democratise the lobbying industry so that all voices in the community are afforded an equal chance to contribute to the development of Australia’s public policy.

Our Mission

Build the best practice political engagement platform for public policy and advocacy professionals.

Our Founders

Nicole Buskiewicz

Founder and CEO

Nicole has worked in government and government relations for nearly a decade. She’s worked in senior political advisory roles for Premiers, Ministers, ASX 200 companies, and with policy-based associations. She is also the Managing Director of the Digital Industry Group Inc (DIGI).
A big nerd at heart, her love of process, efficiency and politics have inspired her to find new ways to innovate in the government relations space.

Harry Curotta

Co-Founder and CTO

Harry cut his teeth working on large distributed systems at J.P. Morgan and IBM. With a breadth of technology experience spanning banking, logistics, media and retail, he has spent the last 5 years in the US and UK building and scaling products with startups in Silicon Valley, New York and London.
He enjoys exploring new industries, inventing great user experiences and finding new and novel problems to solve with code.