Last Friday, Advoc8 attended StartCon, Australia’s flagship startup and growth conference. As a leading force for innovation in the government affairs sector, CEO Nicole Buskiewicz was invited to discuss Advoc8’s contribution as well as broader developments in the industry.

Attendees, including representatives from corporate innovation departments at Telstra, Lendlease, Commonwealth Bank and ING discussed how using data and technology to build trust with governments, influence policy and enhance corporate reputation is key for any large organisation. Nicole outlined the importance of having a strong government relations strategy, drawing on her own experience to explain how regulation, intervention and policy uncertainty can impact a company’s reputation and bottom line.

Pointing to Advoc8 as an example, Nicole highlighted the modernisation taking place in government relations that’s helping to shape best practice. She explained how advocacy software is providing efficiencies in time and money, as well as facilitating invaluable coordination within large organisations. This helps to deliver continuity, retain institutional knowledge and present a clear, consistent message across interactions with important stakeholders.

Despite huge investment in other areas like sales tracking and customer relations, and despite the fact government and regulators are second only to customers in terms of their ability to impact a company’s bottom line, most government affairs teams still get by using informal notes, emails and spreadsheets  to track crucial and valuable engagement¹. Only 5 percent of companies use software to design campaigns, gain insights, track interactions and measure impact.

The StartCon Roundtable discussion underlined the need for continued innovation in leveraging data and technology to enhance government relations strategies, gain insights and proactively influence positive outcomes for any organisation.

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¹Managing Government Relations for the Future: McKinsey Global Survey Results