Shaping public policy is hard. It’s a crowded space with competing interests all vying for the attention of time-poor politicians. And while organisations have lots of data, they sometimes struggle to communicate it in a concise and meaningful way.

That’s why we’re launching Advoc8 Maps, an electorate mapping tool that visually and easily shows impact over electoral boundaries.

Ultimately, MPs care about the issues that impact the local constituents who every few years decide their fate at the polls. Electorate mapping is a powerful way to engage MPs because it makes information, which is displayed over their electoral boundary, immediately relevant and meaningful, while the inherently visual nature of maps makes them easily digestible.

With Maps, organisations can easily load thousands of data points into Maps in seconds, see these projected over electoral boundaries and find the MPs that matter most.

This data can then be filtered and aggregated by electorate, and used to generate statistical insights into an organisation’s impact, like job creation and investment.

Maps allows organisations to transform these insights into compelling, colourful, print-ready data visualisations they can use to illustrate their story in briefing notes and ‘leave-behinds’ for MPs.

Regardless of whether you’re a corporate government relations team, an NGO or industry body, Maps will help you distil big issues to the local level. For example:

  • Charities and nonprofits can map supporters or donors, and slice them by electorate;
  • Industry bodies can map their member sites, staff numbers and total economic contribution; and,
  • Companies can map local grants, staff numbers and investment across electorates.

However, these are just a handful of uses. If you think Advoc8 Maps can add value to your government engagement, we’d be happy to discuss how.

For more information head here or to speak with us or request a demo, drop us a line at